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Aikido Shudokan was the first Yoshinkan style dojo in Australia, founded by Joe Thambu Shihan in 1980, and has schools in Heidelberg West, Springvale, Fitzroy, Williamstown and Albury, teaching men, women and children. The style of Aikido is a dynamic and self-defence effective system of throwing, joint-locks, strikes and pinning techniques. Read More

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Aikido Shudokan Beginners Course

This is a special 4-week Aikido beginners course specially designed to give students a taste of all the different aspects of Aikido, from basic movements, learning to fall safely, applying basic techniques and learning self defence. The course gives you an easy way to get on the mats and try out Aikido.

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Aikido Shudokan E-Mag 2016

Hot off the press! The latest edition of the Aikido Shudokan E-mag is the biggest yet! It includes the trials and tribulations of dojosei, fresh views from our beginners, words of wisdom excerpted from Aiki Insights, trips down memory lane of the many events that we had this year, the international student of the year award, info about the new soto-deshi program for taking your aikido to the next level, dojo calendar for next year and much more.

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Results For Adults Grading 17th December 2016

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. Much hard work and effort went in to preparing. Well done! Osu!

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What Students Say:

I think the best thing about training at the Shudokan is that after almost two and a half years I have not had a single class that I have walked away from without having enjoyed myself and learned something new. - Aaron Cananzi

I started learning Aikido in my 50s and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. What a gift it is to do a physical practice that trains your mind, body and spirit together. - Marvin Oka

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